Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry Japan


1. Required documents as follows: (Should be attached with the Application form)

2. Membership Fee 20,000 Yen (Twenty thousand Yen), could be remitted through Bank transfer in favour of BCCIJ, details as follows:

3. Bank details for remittance:

4. Please send to the application by post to the following address:

Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (BCCIJ)
4-15-16 Meguro
Tokyo 153-0063

5. Last date of Application:

Input data yet to recieve

6. Incomplete or incorrect Application does not accept.

7. Criteria and qualifications for the General Membership:

Any company registered in Japan within the framework of Japanese company registration law and already submitted at least one year tax return to the Japanese Taxation Authority can apply for a general membership.

The President or the Managing Director or the Director of the company must be Bangladeshi by birth or the Bangladesh origin of first generation or a Bangladeshi descendant.

Have a valid company registration certificate (Genzai Tohon). The President or the Managing Director or the director whose name or names must appear in the company registration certificate (Genzai Tohon)

Have a Tax return certificate of last financial year (Houjin Nouzei Shoumei Sho) by the Japanese Taxation Authority.

Have a valid Bangladeshi passport issued by the Bangladesh Government or Japanese passport issued by the Japan Government (in case a Bangladeshi descendant). Have a Certificate of Alien Registration in Japan.

Two latest passport size photographs (size 4.5cm x 4.5cm) taken within last 6 months.

The member company will be issued one membership identity card in the name of the company and another identity card will be issued in the name of the President or the Managing Director or the Director representing the company to BCCIJ. Once general membership is approved, representative of the company can be changed at the written request of the company.

General Members will have the right of voting and contesting in the election becoming member of the sub committees and representing the chamber if authorized by BCCIJ.

Membership is not transferable.

A company will be barred from General Membership if the President or the Managing Director or the Director of the company is found to have criminal detention or conviction record by the court of law of Japan or Bangladesh.

General membership will be approved only when above said terms & conditions are be fulfilled.

8. The BCCIJ holds / reserved the full rights to approve or to expel a membership and can take any decision regarding the Membership as well as any other matters as per needs in future.